Is travelling Australia in a Motorhome from $1 a day on the bucket list?

The Resort Club have recently partnered with Motorhome Holiday providers to assist you with your next on-road journey. We get to know each and everyone of our Concierge Class Members, so members are updated with the latest Motorhome Relocations that interest them!

Plus, we plan and organise every aspect of your Motorhome holiday for you! Just sit back and relax, while we do what we do best!

Current Relocation Deals

Sometimes motorhome companies needs to shift vehicles to a specific destination to meet rental needs. On these occasions, we offer heavily discounted relocation specials – see below.


DarwinPerth19-Aug-201825-Aug-20184$350 free fuel* + $100 travel allowance$1/day
CairnsBrisbane24-Aug-201827-Jul-20184$100 free fuel against receipts$1/day

New Zealand

  • *All receipts are required for fuel refunds.
  • *Free ferries apply to one vehicle and one driver only.
  • *Reimbursement of ferry costs are subject to provision of a receipt.

The above relocations have been supplied on 23 March 2018, and are subject to availability – please check that the above relocations are still valid for purchase. At the time of booking you are required to make a $50 payment to secure your Motorhome hire. The $50 will be refunded at pick up and will be deducted from the total rental cost and any optional extras taken out. All relocation specials require a bond of $1000 and drivers must be 21 years of age or over.

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    What is a relocation & why is it so cheap?

    We permit vehicles to travel one way between cities. This frequently results in vehicles being located in the wrong city for their next rental. To assist in the “relocation” of these vehicles, Apollo offers travellers cheap rates to move vehicles from city “A” to city “B”. For budget conscious renters this provides an ideal opportunity to travel between cities while still fitting in some sightseeing.

    What else is included in a relocation? It seems too good to be true?

    It does seem too good to be true but don’t forget you’re also assisting us by getting the vehicle to where it needs to be. In fact, sometimes these relocation deals are so good we throw in free fuel, travel allowances, free ferries etc., all for often $1 per day.

    What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch but there are a few restrictions you’ll need to abide by. We will provide you with a set number of days to get from city “A” to city “B”. If availability permits you can increase the number of days for an additional fee. You will also receive a kilometre allowance (this is enough to get to your location) however if you travel beyond the allowance provided you will be required to pay an additional fee on return of your vehicle for excess kilometre charges.

    Who can do relocations?

    If you’re 21 years or older and have a valid open driver’s license you can do a relocation however, the licence must be in English. We also accept authorised English translations.
    You will also need to hold a valid credit card in your name to cover the bond and rental charges. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

    When will I receive my refund?

    When the vehicle is returned to the correct location, on time, is full of fuel, is not damaged and all other terms of the rental agreement have been complied with you will be refunded any monies owing to you. Refunds may take up to 21 working days.
    If damage is sustained to the vehicle the bond will be used to cover the cost of damages up to your liability amount (on the proviso that you have not breached your terms and conditions).

    Can my family and friends travel with me?

    They sure can, you can even add additional drivers for a small fee. Just remember your vehicle cannot carry more than its maximum capacity e.g. if you are relocating a 6 Berth, yourself and 5 others can travel in the vehicle.

    Will I need a child seats?

    Children under 6 months of age are not permitted to travel in our vehicles while children from 6 months to under 8 years of age will need a child seat. We can accommodate a maximum of 2 child seats in some of our motorhomes, please check our child restraint policy to see if your child can safely travel with us.

    Can I cancel my booking?

    Yes, just make sure you do it within 12-hours of booking your relocation to prevent cancellation fees. If you cancel after this time or collect your vehicle you will forfeit your deposit. No refunds are available for late pick-ups or early returns.

    What’s my financial liability if the vehicle is damaged?

    Apollo’s relocations include a Standard Liability of $1,000 in the event of an accident (provided you have not breached the terms and conditions). A Bond of $1,000 will be debited from a credit card at the time of entering into the Rental Contract (an administration fee will apply).

    Can I rent the vehicle for longer?

    So long as the vehicle is available you can extend your rental up to 3 days for $75 per day. Any extra nights above and beyond the 3 days can be booked at our flex rates subject to availability. Please check with our reservations team for availability and pricing. Each extra day comes with an additional 300 kilometres. Regardless of the hire duration relocation conditions apply.

    What if I have an accident?

    If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in an accident you will be financially responsible up to your liability amount regardless of fault. If the damage was caused by another party and Apollo is able to secure the cost of repairs from the third party you will be reimbursed your bond (excluding the applicable administration fee).

    What if the vehicle breaks down?

    All vehicles come with 24 hour roadside assistance.

    Can I drive the vehicle on unsealed roads?

    No, the vehicle must remain on sealed roads at all times.